Media City, Salford

A few months ago I visited my friend who attends Salford University. We had a night out in Manchester to Fifth Nightclub and then spent the day in Media City which is part of Salford University the following day.

Media City

We took a bus from outside my friend’s accommodation (they come regularly) to Media City which only took about 10-15 minutes and did not cost much. 

When we arrived we were hungry and hungover so we found a busy pub-like place called the Dockyard. I ordered the cheese burger with sweet potato fries (they have got to be the best Ines I’ve ever had) and came with different pots of salts and spices. It was not too expensive, definitely affordable and there was quite a range to choose from, such as fish and chips, chicken and so on.

We then decided to have a look around Media City which had never-ending food places and big companies were about such as BBC and ITV. 

There were also some scenic views across the lake as well as there being a doctor who theme! There were darleks and the tardis by the side of the water! Also Noddy made an appearance.

Finally, we had a look around the shops even though there was not many and it was quite a small shopping centre it still had everything we needed. We also had a Costa and a sit down before heading back to get the train home.

The Night Out

We had to pay in advance as S-club 7 were making an appearance in the club, which only cost about £7 and you show your ticket at the door. There also was not a huge queue and drinks until 12 were £1 for single vodka plus a mixer! It’s save to say we got very drunk and had a great time with the fab 90’s music in the background until S-club arrived and blasted their classics.

My friend’s accommodation is right next to Salford Cresent train station so the taxi to Manchester did not cost much and getting off the train is very handy too for where she lives!


Author: caitlinoliviabiwer

18 • Student • Lancaster University • Newcastle

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