I visited Liverpool by train a few months ago with my flatmates to spend some time doing touristy-things and have a night out.

Christmas Markets

At the time the Christmas markets were around, with the typical stalls ranging from crepes to ornaments, gifts to burgers and Christmas decorations to wine tasting. They run from mid-November through to January so you have plenty of time to explore! Last Christmas the markets were located on St George’s Plateau operating from 11am-9pm everyday and till 5pm on Sundays. This location faces Lime street train station and had 40 stalls of food, arts and crafts! Get yourself down there next Christmas (although the location may change so make sure you check beforehand!)



We did not get much of a chance to shop but we did visit St Johns Shopping Centre. It is open 9am-6pm and contains shops such as: Millie’s cookies, JD, Clintons, Subway, Home Bargins, Liverpool football shop, Poundcafe, Brighthouse, The Perfume store, Poundbakery, Warren James, Poundland, Wilko, New Look, Thornton’s, Dunkin Donuts, Mcdonalds, Sainsbury’s, Greggs and so on. Other shopping centres in Liverpool you might want to visit includes: Liverpool One, The Metquarter, Clayton Square, Kirkby Shopping centre and Belle Vale Shopping centre.

Address: 127 St George’s Way, Liverpool, L1 1LY

Night out

Due to it being very cold the night we attended Liverpool we did not get to go to many places and tried to stay inside as much as we could instead of walking everywhere! Bars and clubs we visited are listed below:

1. Turtle Bay

This Caribbean chain is springing up in most cities including Newcastle and Preston. They sell 2 for 1 on all of their cocktails, which are all Caribbean-rum themed and very nice! Although the cocktails have to be the same type so you’re best sharing with someone! They also have a lunch and tea menu which are all Caribbean themed too as well as the environment within the bar.

Address: 6A Victoria St, Liverpool, L2 6QE

2. Wetherspoons

Of course everyone loves a trip to spoons – traditional pub serving all kinds of food and drink at a reasonable price in a cosy atmosphere. Although, it often gets very busy on Friday and Saturday nights in most Wetherspoons – and on the Saturday night we visited one of the many Wetherspoons within Liverpool it was extremely packed. The one we visisted was The Fall Well but there is also the Richard John Blackler, Thomas Frost, The Frank Hornby, The Navigator, The Raven and a few more.

Address of The Fall Well: St Johns Way, Liverpool, L1 1LS

3. Levels

This is the main nightclub we went to although we did visit a square where there was a bunch of clubs and bars but I cannot remember any of the names.

Entry was not expensive as we got on the guestlist (make sure you do this before you visit) and the queue was not long.

There are three levels within this nightclub, all with different themed music so there’s something for everyone’s tastes! Drinks are not priced too expensively and the club is definitely large enough. I would highly recommend it!

There are also plenty of other pubs, nightclubs and bars. Some nightclubs include: Popworld, Mansion, The Krazyhouse, Heebie Jeebies, Playground, Fusion, Flares and so on.

I think next time we visit Liverpool we would stay for longer and get somewhere to stay the night – we had to stay awake till the 8am train and beware Lime Street station is as cold as an ice rink! We would do some shopping, visit some museums and see the sites next time. I loved Liverpool, would recommend a visit and would definitely go back!


Author: caitlinoliviabiwer

18 • Student • Lancaster University • Newcastle

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