Blackpool is often connotated with words like ‘rough’ and ‘run-down’. Parts of Blackpool are indeed roughl (just like most areas have) but there are some great places to see and you can still have a lovely time!

Where we stayed

I visited last summer with my boyfriend for our second anniversary. We stayed at the Staymor hotel for a good price, booking under, which included breakfast and was right next to Blackpool’s attractions. It was a small hotel, more of a bed and breakfast, but you could fetch free hot drinks when you needed, the owners were lovely and we found it comfortable enough and the breakfast was nice too!


Blackpool is well-known for their attractions including Blackpool tower, the beach and Pleasure Beach. Pleasure beach is great when the weather is nice including many rides to keep everyone entertained! But when we went the weather was quite rainy, so we bought dual tickets to Madam tussauds Wax figure attraction and Blackpool’s Dungeons.

The dungeons are all across the UK in places like Edinburgh and York, so it was nice to get to know the history around Blackpool and there’s even a ride at the end! It was all indoors and slightly scary but very entertaining for people of all ages! Madam Tussauds was pretty big and took up a lot of our time and we took some great photos with some very famous people! So I would highly recommend these two indoor activities if the weather is not so good!

Bars and resteraunts

There are plenty of places to eat and drink in Blackpool, including: Las Iguanas, Bella Italias, Wetherspoons, Revolution, McDonald’s and so on. For our meal we went to Bella Italias which is affordable with decent sized portions as well as doing lovely cocktails! The drinks at Revolution are expensive but lovely and wetherspoons is dirt cheap for food and drinks! 

During the day time we went to a fish and chips shop and considering we’re right by the sea fish and chips are bound to taste fabulous! There are also plenty of places to get some ice cream and rock and souviners!

So get yourself down to Blackpool! It’s a nice place to go with your partner, family or friends! Great for nights out, a quiet meal or to get on some attractions!


Author: caitlinoliviabiwer

18 • Student • Lancaster University • Newcastle

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