Media City, Salford

A few months ago I visited my friend who attends Salford University. We had a night out in Manchester to Fifth Nightclub and then spent the day in Media City which is part of Salford University the following day.

Media City

We took a bus from outside my friend’s accommodation (they come regularly) to Media City which only took about 10-15 minutes and did not cost much. 

When we arrived we were hungry and hungover so we found a busy pub-like place called the Dockyard. I ordered the cheese burger with sweet potato fries (they have got to be the best Ines I’ve ever had) and came with different pots of salts and spices. It was not too expensive, definitely affordable and there was quite a range to choose from, such as fish and chips, chicken and so on.

We then decided to have a look around Media City which had never-ending food places and big companies were about such as BBC and ITV. 

There were also some scenic views across the lake as well as there being a doctor who theme! There were darleks and the tardis by the side of the water! Also Noddy made an appearance.

Finally, we had a look around the shops even though there was not many and it was quite a small shopping centre it still had everything we needed. We also had a Costa and a sit down before heading back to get the train home.

The Night Out

We had to pay in advance as S-club 7 were making an appearance in the club, which only cost about £7 and you show your ticket at the door. There also was not a huge queue and drinks until 12 were £1 for single vodka plus a mixer! It’s save to say we got very drunk and had a great time with the fab 90’s music in the background until S-club arrived and blasted their classics.

My friend’s accommodation is right next to Salford Cresent train station so the taxi to Manchester did not cost much and getting off the train is very handy too for where she lives!



You’ve probably never heard of it, but remember Raoul Moat? – the seven-day-manhunt that took place in Northumberland where he shot his ex-girlfriend, her new boyfriend and PC Rathband before ending up in the little town of Rothbury.

What’s upsetting for me is that many of my childhood memories took place in Rothbury and it is only on the map because of a killer. On that happy note I’ll move on. 

Since I was little my grandparents owned a static caravan in Rothbury’s caravan park, which we visited in summer, easter holidays and on weekends. Unfortunately they sold it a few years ago, but I did visit last spring with my boyfriend for his birthday where we stayed in a hotel.

The Coquetvale Hotel

The hotel we stayed at was lovely and inexpensive as I got the deal on Groupon with breakfast included as well as a drink of champagne each. It only cost around £35-£40 but you have to ensure to book in advance and this deal does not exist anymore but it is worth looking into other deals they may be offering, as it is definitely worth the money.

In terms of parking they have a very small car park so if it is a weekend or a holiday it is likely to be full so e prepared to search for a space elsewhere. Although there are streets nearby you can park in and everything is pretty much in walking distance.

Hotel food

There is a resteraunt within the hotel in which we bought the steak and the burger along with a beer and a coke. The burger had to have been one of the best burgers I’ve ever had! Also pricing was fair and here is the online menu if you wish to take a look: 

The breakfast room is a separate smaller room for hotel guests, whereas the resteraunt is open to the public. With our deal we got a free breakfast which was a full English (picture shown below), which was also great.

The room

The room was immaculate – clean, big and a  hygienic bathroom! It comes with a fireplace, television, double bed, wardrobe and complementary hot drinks. We only stayed the one night but could have definitely stayed for longer. I also think checkout time was 11am, so we did not have to rush.

What is there to do?

Rothbury may be small, but that is what makes it special. There’s a few parks, a river, little stalls and shops, markets, golf, fishing, swimming and so on. It’s great for a family day out or as a couple to go for some walks, explore, fish, skim some stones and relax. It’s hard for me to remember a time ther weather has not been nice when we’ve visited Rothbury.

There are some lovely little walks you can take and the views are amazing of the hills and meadows about. It is worth walking up to the caravan site which is just over the bridge and up a hill in which it has two parks and further up from the site is some ruins which is nice to go explore.

There is also plenty of wildlife such as horses, sheep, cows, ducks, rabbits (many live under the caravans!) and so on.

My recommended time to go would be over Easter or in the summer holidays so the weather is nice. We always enjoy sitting outside in one of the pubs enjoying a cold drink and a meal.


I visited Liverpool by train a few months ago with my flatmates to spend some time doing touristy-things and have a night out.

Christmas Markets

At the time the Christmas markets were around, with the typical stalls ranging from crepes to ornaments, gifts to burgers and Christmas decorations to wine tasting. They run from mid-November through to January so you have plenty of time to explore! Last Christmas the markets were located on St George’s Plateau operating from 11am-9pm everyday and till 5pm on Sundays. This location faces Lime street train station and had 40 stalls of food, arts and crafts! Get yourself down there next Christmas (although the location may change so make sure you check beforehand!)



We did not get much of a chance to shop but we did visit St Johns Shopping Centre. It is open 9am-6pm and contains shops such as: Millie’s cookies, JD, Clintons, Subway, Home Bargins, Liverpool football shop, Poundcafe, Brighthouse, The Perfume store, Poundbakery, Warren James, Poundland, Wilko, New Look, Thornton’s, Dunkin Donuts, Mcdonalds, Sainsbury’s, Greggs and so on. Other shopping centres in Liverpool you might want to visit includes: Liverpool One, The Metquarter, Clayton Square, Kirkby Shopping centre and Belle Vale Shopping centre.

Address: 127 St George’s Way, Liverpool, L1 1LY

Night out

Due to it being very cold the night we attended Liverpool we did not get to go to many places and tried to stay inside as much as we could instead of walking everywhere! Bars and clubs we visited are listed below:

1. Turtle Bay

This Caribbean chain is springing up in most cities including Newcastle and Preston. They sell 2 for 1 on all of their cocktails, which are all Caribbean-rum themed and very nice! Although the cocktails have to be the same type so you’re best sharing with someone! They also have a lunch and tea menu which are all Caribbean themed too as well as the environment within the bar.

Address: 6A Victoria St, Liverpool, L2 6QE

2. Wetherspoons

Of course everyone loves a trip to spoons – traditional pub serving all kinds of food and drink at a reasonable price in a cosy atmosphere. Although, it often gets very busy on Friday and Saturday nights in most Wetherspoons – and on the Saturday night we visited one of the many Wetherspoons within Liverpool it was extremely packed. The one we visisted was The Fall Well but there is also the Richard John Blackler, Thomas Frost, The Frank Hornby, The Navigator, The Raven and a few more.

Address of The Fall Well: St Johns Way, Liverpool, L1 1LS

3. Levels

This is the main nightclub we went to although we did visit a square where there was a bunch of clubs and bars but I cannot remember any of the names.

Entry was not expensive as we got on the guestlist (make sure you do this before you visit) and the queue was not long.

There are three levels within this nightclub, all with different themed music so there’s something for everyone’s tastes! Drinks are not priced too expensively and the club is definitely large enough. I would highly recommend it!

There are also plenty of other pubs, nightclubs and bars. Some nightclubs include: Popworld, Mansion, The Krazyhouse, Heebie Jeebies, Playground, Fusion, Flares and so on.

I think next time we visit Liverpool we would stay for longer and get somewhere to stay the night – we had to stay awake till the 8am train and beware Lime Street station is as cold as an ice rink! We would do some shopping, visit some museums and see the sites next time. I loved Liverpool, would recommend a visit and would definitely go back!


I currently attend Lancaster University and I am in my first year studying English language and linguistics. During this year I have been able to spend the time exploring Lancaster and it’s surrounding areas.

Lancaster University

Lancaster university itself is a beautiful campus, with ponds and ducks galore and a lovely woodland trail to follow through the trees whether you’re going for a walk to clear your head, go for a run or just enjoy the (rare) lovely weather and wildlife (there’s plenty of squirrels on campus!). On campus we have different food areas such as Sultans, GoBurrito, WokInn, Ketchup, costa, Greggs and Wibbly Wobbly burger bar – so there’s something for everyone!

There are also 9 bars on campus for each college and my favourite bar is Grizedale because they do 2 for 1 cocktails! We also have a huge sports centre that the public can use and we even have a tree in our library!

Williamson Park and Canal walks

Williamson Park is located in Lancaster City which is a large piece of greenery full of little trails, a cafe, an animal centre and huge architecture you can climb and have amazing views. There is also a large pond full of ducks! 

The canal walks are also amazing to get some fresh air, see the sites and wildlife! I’ve inserted some photos at the end of this post to show you how lovely it looks!


There are plenty of yummy places to eat in and around Lancaster. Below I have listed some of my personal favourites that you some visit if you come by Lancaster!

1. The Plough

This is situated in a small village called Galgate just off the M6 and a short walk from Lonsdale college at the university. It is a cosy pub that lets you get 15% with a student card and they sell all kinds of food: fish and chips, nachos, baguettes, jacket potatoes, pies, Sunday dinners and so on!

2. Bella Italias 

This Italian is frequently placed in cities and sells some lovely dishes! You get discount as a student also and they do 2 for 1 on cocktails too!

3. The Three Mariners

This pub is similar to the Plough and sells the most amazing burgers. My personal favourite is the French burger that comes with garlic mushrooms and Brie as well as potato skins and salad!

4. Oscar’s bar and bistro

My final favourite is a tad more expensive but you get huge portions! The atmosphere is sophisticated with a lovely environment to sit in with happy songs playing all day long.

Clubs and bars

Lancaster is a bit quiet for nightlife but me and my flatmates always manage to have great nightouts, often going to the same place! The clubs and bars include: The Sugarhouse, Dalton Rooms, Bentleys, Mint, Hustle, The Crafty Scholar, Wetherspoons, sphere and Apothecary. 

Our personal favourite is The Sugarhouse which is ran by the students of Lancaster University, meaning you can only get in if you are a student or are signed in by another student. Cheap drinks, cheap entry and two rooms filled with people around your own age! It’s fun and safe and often every week there is a theme, such as: divas, Disney, 90s etc for music!

There are also plenty of local pubs to choose from too such as Pendle Witch, the Bobbin, The Borough, The White Cross, Merchants 1688, The Water Witch, George and the Dragon and so on!


Although Lancaster is smaller than most cities it has all the shops you need! From my knowledge there are two main, small shopping centres that are indoors – market gate shopping centre and St Nicholas Arcade. However the majority of the shops are outdoor. Some shops include: Primark, New Look, Topshop, Topman, Lush, Boots, Iceland, Tk Maxx, River Island, Waterstones, Superdrug, Poundland, Home Bargins, M&S, Costa, bodycare, Card factory, Caffè Nero, Shoe Zone, mcdonalds, KFC, WHSmith and so on.

The shops that are not in the main city area include: Sainsbury’s, Asda and Aldi which are a three minute drive away or a short walk away over a bridge – with Sainsbury’s being closer just next to the bus station.

As well as all of this Lancaster is situated in a great place – you’re right next to Blackpool and the Lake District as well as cities like Morecambe and Preston. Lancaster is only a short train journey away from Manchester and Liverpool too!

So Lancaster has all of the shops you could need! In fact – Lancaster may be small but it has everything you need and is a lovely place to live!


Blackpool is often connotated with words like ‘rough’ and ‘run-down’. Parts of Blackpool are indeed roughl (just like most areas have) but there are some great places to see and you can still have a lovely time!

Where we stayed

I visited last summer with my boyfriend for our second anniversary. We stayed at the Staymor hotel for a good price, booking under, which included breakfast and was right next to Blackpool’s attractions. It was a small hotel, more of a bed and breakfast, but you could fetch free hot drinks when you needed, the owners were lovely and we found it comfortable enough and the breakfast was nice too!


Blackpool is well-known for their attractions including Blackpool tower, the beach and Pleasure Beach. Pleasure beach is great when the weather is nice including many rides to keep everyone entertained! But when we went the weather was quite rainy, so we bought dual tickets to Madam tussauds Wax figure attraction and Blackpool’s Dungeons.

The dungeons are all across the UK in places like Edinburgh and York, so it was nice to get to know the history around Blackpool and there’s even a ride at the end! It was all indoors and slightly scary but very entertaining for people of all ages! Madam Tussauds was pretty big and took up a lot of our time and we took some great photos with some very famous people! So I would highly recommend these two indoor activities if the weather is not so good!

Bars and resteraunts

There are plenty of places to eat and drink in Blackpool, including: Las Iguanas, Bella Italias, Wetherspoons, Revolution, McDonald’s and so on. For our meal we went to Bella Italias which is affordable with decent sized portions as well as doing lovely cocktails! The drinks at Revolution are expensive but lovely and wetherspoons is dirt cheap for food and drinks! 

During the day time we went to a fish and chips shop and considering we’re right by the sea fish and chips are bound to taste fabulous! There are also plenty of places to get some ice cream and rock and souviners!

So get yourself down to Blackpool! It’s a nice place to go with your partner, family or friends! Great for nights out, a quiet meal or to get on some attractions!